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A delegation from the Finnish CMI Institute visiting the Institute for Islamic World Future Studies (IIWFS)


On Wednesday, 8 September 2017, a three-member delegation from the Finnish CMI Institute, met with the director of the institute and a group of researchers at the Institute. In this session, while describing the activities and achievements of the Institute for Islamic World Future Studies (IIWFS) and that of CMI, the capacities of the two sides for future joint cooperation were discussed. Ms. Tuija Talvitie, Executive Director, Mr. Ville Brumer, Program Director, and Mr. Maruan El-Krekshi, the director of Middle East Program, attended the session. The participants of the meeting presented their views on the Middle East crisis and its roots, as well as the context for peace talks in the region.



The CMI Institute in Finland is one of the most prominent European institutions for peace talks, and its founder is Martti Atissari, who was the former Finnish president and the winner of the 2008 Nobel Peace Prize. your social media marketing partner